Adapter for Diatonic Harmonicas


Although the ENR is optimized for holding the HFC, its stability and adjustability have found favor with diatonic harmonica artists. The performer’s time requirements for switching determine the best setup for diatonic harmonicas on the ENR:

  • For switching diatonics offstage, the standard ENR clamps can  be used and no adapter is needed.
  • For switching diatonics onstage between songs, the Adapter is recommended. The Adapter takes the place of the HFC in the clamps. Diatonics are held in the adapter magnetically and can be changed in a few seconds.



Diatonic Harmonica Adapter…………..$35

  • For switching diatonics within a song… e.g. Orange Blossom Special…using an additional pair of clamps to hold two diatonics side-by-side is recommended. In this case, no Adapter is needed.  See the ENR page for information on additional clamps.