Custom Harmonicas

Custom Vintage Chromonika III

I currently offer Custom Chromatic harmonicas built around the wood comb model Hohner Chromatics of both new and vintage models.  All customs are built with either Stabilized Wood or Lexan. 

The availability, keys and models may vary.  I’ve been collecting vintage Hohner 260’s, 270’s and 280’s for 20+ years.  I have NOS (new old stock) 260 and 270 reed plates from the 1950’s  in stock and good used 280 reed plates in stock.  I can also supply brand New Hohner parts on request.  

I no longer make customs from customer supplied chromatics. While the materials I may provide are vintage or used they are in good condition to begin with so there is no guessing the outcome. I cherry pick what I know will work to make a good workable custom from vintage, new or NOS (new old stock) parts. 

I will offer these as I find time to build them. Prices are not fixed and will vary with the parts used to build them.  I will offer pricing for customs made from brand new Hohner’s soon.