Ergonomic-Neck-Rack (ENR)


The Ergonomic Neck Rack (ENR) is designed to provide extreme stability and adjustability for the HFC. It earns its name from the ability to securely hold the HFC in the most comfortable position for the player. It has independent adjustments in four degrees of freedom:

  • Close / Far. This is the adjustment most familiar to rack players. It opens to admit the player’s head and sets the distance of the HFC in front of the players mouth. It locks securely with large 1-7/8” diameter rubber-covered knobs. These knobs rest against the player’s chest to steady the ENR and HFC.
  • Up / Down. Two blocks slide up and down on the neck yoke. They are secured by setscrews. For one player, this is a “set-and-forget” adjustment.
  • Tilt. This controls the angle of the harmonica. It is locked by  two-arm knobs at the ends of the crossbar. For one player, this is a “set-and-forget” adjustment.
  • R / L side-to-side. The crossbar is wider than the HFC. The HFC can be located an inch to the right or left of center.  For example, if the player uses mainly low notes towards the left side of the HFC, she could locate the HFC to the right, placing the frequently-played notes at the center. For one player, this is a “set-and-forget” adjustment.

When it was introduced,  HFC players complained that the available harmonica holders were inadequate. The complaints included:

  • Many were designed for 10-hole diatonics and were too narrow to hold a 12-hole chromatic.
  • Others had only one or two adjustments and could not hold the harmonica in the desired position.
  • Many were made of flimsy wire that did not hold the harmonica steadily.

It became necessary for Vern to design a heavy-duty HFC holder that avoided these defects. It was an immediate hit with HFC players and is also used by some diatonic players for its stability and adjustability. It is strongly recommended that an ENR be purchased with the first HFC. Almost all successful HFC players use the ENR. “Tank” and “Rock-of-Gibralter” are descriptive terms used by ENR owners. 

The ENR has a money-back guarantee. If you return an ENR within a month of receiving it, your full purchase price will be refunded.

Ergonomic-Neck-Rack (ENR)…………………$145

                 ENR RETROFIT

ENRs delivered before 2019 had round or half-inch square crossbars and plastic clamps.  During 2019 the design was improved to use a 3/8 inch square crossbar and aluminum clamps.  In addition, the clamps were designed to accommodate a microphone. 

The clamps will hold an HR3 microphone available from AMT.  These microphones have been used by several HFC players for several years and have proved to be very satisfactory.

The clamps will also hold a MICENR microphone available here. The retrofit is recommended for users of pre-2019 ENRs who wish to use a microphone. Please see the Microphone page for information about the MICENR.

The retrofit kit includes two clamps, crossbar, and two locking knobs.

ENR Retrofit…..$45


          Additional Clamps


For ENR users who have do-it-yourself capabilities and wish to be creative, additional clamps can be a convenient way to attach other devices.  They not only have C-clamps front and rear but also plenty of  places for screws or area for glue. They fit on the new 3/8 inch square crossbar.  Add-ons could include:

  • A favorite crystal or dynamic microphone.
  •  A wireless transmitter.
  •  A kazoo.
  • A party horn.
  • A blow-out snake noisemaker (party toy).
  • etc……..

With an additional pair of clamps, the ENR will hold two 10-hole diatonic harmonicas side-by-side.

Additional Clamps…………….$18 ea.