Harmonica Repairs & HFC Refurbishing

The Shop


I charge $60 per hour labor plus parts.  Basic service involves Cleaning the parts, flat sanding combs if necessary, replacing Slide Buffers, de burring mouthpiece assembly, flattening Valves.

Any tuning, windsaver or reed replacement is extra. Repairing minor cracks in comb with service above $20. 

Stock Chromatics

I work on all Hohner Chromatic Harmonicas as well as Seydel with limited repairs on Hering and Suzuki Chromatics 

Diatonic Harmonicas

I do repairs on Seydel diatonic harmonicas only.  They are the easiest to obtain reeds and parts for servicing. 

Reed Replacement $40.  Includes gap checking and tuning of other reeds. 

Hands Free Chromatic

I do offer reconditioning services for older model HFC’s such as replacing worn Teflon tape, adjusting spring tension and replacement mouthpieces on older Seydel models. You can replace the yellowish white mouthpiece with a newer black mouthpiece. 

Prices vary according to the involvement in reconditioning. 

Since prices and availability for replacement parts varies between brands and seasons it’s best to contact me for a quote. Generally it’s best for me to have the harmonica in hand to make an accurate  quote for work that needs to be done.

Full Service Pricing

Full Windsaver Replacement   

Hohner 12 Hole-$120  14-Hole $130  16-Hole  $140

Seydel  12-Hole $130  16-Hole  $150

Suzuki (using Hohner or Seydel) Valves  Priced as Above


$60 per hour Standard.   $75 per hour for custom. 

Average tuning time is 2 hours + depending on the model.  The more complicated the harmonica the longer it will take to tune, such as CBH’s and CX-12’s. 


Converting Older Hohner Chromatics from Brads to Screws $90

All chromatics are tuned to A442 unless requested otherwise. 

Reed Replacements

Hohner & Hering Chromatics  $60    Hohner Super 64x  $65

Seydel Brass Reed Chromatics $60   Seydel SS Reed Chromatics $65