MICENR Microphone

The ENR Microphone (MICENR) is designed for the HFC-ENR system. It is an electret capacitance lapel microphone in an enclosure that integrates with the HFC and an ENR delivered after  2019. The enclosure has the shape of a half cylinder that covers the rear of the HFC.

It has a battery case with ON/OFF switch in the cable. It comes with two batteries and a 3.5mm to ¼” plug adapter.

Microphone for ENR (MICENR)………………………..$111

The microphone has a 90-day warranty.

For ENRs delivered after 2019, the clamps will hold either a MICENR or an AMT HR3 tubular microphone. The mounting hardware provided with the HR3 or HR3R is unnecessary with the ENR.

See: http://www.appliedmicrophone.com/portfolio/hr3/

The HR3 is an electret capacitor type that employs a battery-powered pre-amp.  Because the HR3 was designed to extend the width of a 16-hole chromatic, it extends beyond both ends of the HFC.

This is a good microphone that has been used by HFC players for several years. AMT also offers a wireless transmitter and receiver for the HR3. If you wish to use an HR3, you may obtain it from an Applied Microphone Technology dealer.

Both the MICENR and AMT HR3 microphones use electret elements. Electrets have the following characteristics:

  • Electrets are very small. They are often used as lapel mics and in personal telephones, computers, cameras, etc.
  • “Phantom power” of a few volts is required to energize a transistor which is an integral part of the element.  This is not the same phantom power as the 40 volts used to charge the diaphragm of expensive condenser microphones.
  • They do not have a characteristic sound.  They have high fidelity over a large range of frequencies.  Any desired audio effect must be added by electronics.  A pleasant harmonica sound is produced by an equalizer setting that rolls off frequencies above 2 kHz and with some reverberation.