Prices and Payments

Hands Free Chromatic and Accessories:

  • Seydel Deluxe SS HFC  $525
  • Custom tuned HFC  (email  for quote)
  • Ergonomic Neck Rack ENR $145
  • MICENR Microphone   $111
  • Diatonic  Adapter  $35
  • Additional  clamps  $18 ea.
  • CustomBuilt Hohner Chromatics using either Lexan or Stabilized Fruit wood  (email for quote)  
  • 6% PA. sales tax added on in-state purchases
  • Free shipping on purchase of HFC and ENC together

Turnaround Times-Estimates-Payment-Policies

Turnaround times are only guesstimates. Chromatics have different parts that need special attention.

I can not give estimates sight unseen unless you only want certain services such as windsavers replaced or reeds tuned. The harmonica has to be in the shop for me to give an estimate beyond basic restoration or repair services listed.  I do all work on a first come first serve basis.


       Purchases of new, restored vintage or custom harmonicas must be paid in advance. Purchase of non stock items such as replacement reed plates must be paid in advance. Repair and restoration work can be paid when harmonica is ready to be returned to you.

US Customers  I take Postal M.O.’s personal checks, and Paypal for payment.Personal checks must clear the bank before products are shipped. 

International Customers  I take Paypal or Cashier cheques from US Banks operating abroad.  Cashier cheques must clear my bank before products are shipped.

Sales Tax

I charge 6% PA Sales Tax on all in state sales 


I ship all domestic and international packages Priority mail via USPS unless instructed otherwise. All US shipments are USPS Flat Rate Priority.


USPS Priority Mail includes automatic $50 insurance.  I do not add insurance to shipped packages unless requested. That is up to you to decide. If you opt not to purchase extra insurance it will be your responsibility to file for losses and/or damage claims. My responsibility ends once it’s in the USPS possession. 

General Policies

It is expected you will send the harmonica in clean condition.  If any harmonica is sent needing more then basic cleaning before working on it you will be charged a $15 cleaning fee. I reserve the right to refuse or dispose of any harmonica that poses a health risk to me due to it’s extreme unsanitary condition.

All estimates are free unless the harmonica needs sanitized before checking. You will then be charged a $15 cleaning fee whether you choose to have it serviced or not.

Customer pays for all shipping to and from here including estimate only service except where noted. 

I ask that you contact me before shipping any harmonicas for servicing.  Some times throughout the year I’m busier then others and can only take on 1 repair at a time from you. This is to make sure everyone recieves their harmonicas back in reasonable time.  Let me know if you plan on sending several harmonicas for repair before shipping.

 Custom Chromatics, Hands Free Chromatics & ENR’s

All custom chromatics must be paid in advance before work is started including return shipping.

Full refunds only if I have not ordered and started production of your Custom or HFC harmonica.  I can not return harmonicas to supplier if you back out of sale. 

Full refund at that point is at my discretion.

All prices quoted are in US currency.  While I try to remain consistent with prices throughout the year, cost of parts and doing business may increase to the point that I can not absorb the extra costs.  Prices for parts and services may change without notice under those conditions.

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